Cannabis is our Business. The conference on the legalization of cannabis.

At CannaB., you can meet industry experts and attend presentations by high-profile speakers to find out more about the challenges and opportunities presented by the legalization of cannabis. Experts from 
politics, industry and commerce will shed light on the various aspects of this new market and draw on the latest decisions to discuss how it may take shape in the future.

On December 6–7, 2022, Messe Freiburg will serve as a platform for experts and entrepreneurs from agriculture, public authorities, institutions, pharmaceuticals, industry and commerce who want to find out more about the legalization of cannabis. By focusing on the most recent developments and providing plenty of space for networking and constructive discussions, CannaB. will highlight the wide range of potential offered by the legalization of cannabis. 

Share your expertise by giving a presentation and network to engage in insightful conversations about the future by discussing topics ranging from legal aspects, cultivation and importing, international best practices and regulations for selling to end customers.

The CannaB. will be conducted in German - no translation service will be provided on site.

Topics in the spotlight

The government’s decision to legalize the cannabis market in Germany will open up exciting opportunities for a wide range of companies and industries to invest in brand new lines of business. In the medium term, economic interests will be weighed up against social and political principles – with legalization presenting both opportunities and challenges.

Legal aspects of legalization

The balance struck between freedom and safety will create a framework for all stakeholders. How strict will this framework be? How will each stakeholder be able to stand up for their own interests? These questions will never have conclusive answers. The actual way forward will be determined firstly by the legislation followed by developments in case law. But what is the current state of play? Join us to find out!

International best practices

Examining a wide range of European and non-European countries gives policymakers and companies the chance to shape their own national approaches in a constructive manner. The experiences gained and specific impacts on markets and society highlight which aspects need to be considered during the legalization of cannabis and which approaches should be taken into account in the medium and long term following the opening up of the market.

Cultivation and/or importing?

Legalization will open up an extremely lucrative new line of business for the agricultural industry. The commercial cultivation of cannabis will become more and more widespread – with imports and exports increasing enormously. Licenses and costs will determine whether companies grow cannabis themselves or purchase it from outside Germany. Besides needing farmland, the new market will require people with expertise in methods, yield efficiency and national and international supply chains.

Regulations for selling to end customers

A new market, new jobs and new tax revenues – there are plenty of economic arguments in favor of legalization. What business models are possible? Who will be permitted to participate in the new sales market? Who will coordinate licenses and taxation? A new regulated cannabis market needs time to grow and become established in society and under the rule of law. Discover the opportunities and means of achieving this at CannaB.


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